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PC News April 2017

PC  consultation response to WCC and Stratford upon Avon draft Transport Strategy 

Transport Strategy response

Response from MP 27/3/2017 

Dear Wendy

Thank you for sending me a copy of Luddington Parish Council’s response to Warwickshire County Council’s and Stratford District Council’s newly published Transport Strategy. The comments are duly noted.

Thank you too for your invitation to the meeting on 18 April but I cannot make it day as Parliament is sitting that day. I would be happy to meet for a discussion on a Friday convenient for you.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

Warm regards


Nadhim Zahawi
MP for Stratford on Avon

Traffic and Safety- PC Overview

Protecting residents’ safety and Luddington village’s ancient buildings from increased traffic levels is going to be an ongoing challenge with so much development happening all around us; a number of initiatives are being put in place.

As advertised on the noticeboard, sympathetic but worthwhile traffic calming measures comprising a few extra 30mph signs and road writing through the village are being installed this spring. Village ‘gateways’ and short stretches of road side ‘dragon’s teeth’, will remind drivers that they are entering a residential area. These basic measures can be seen newly installed in Shottery. Signs for larger commercial traffic to Sandfields Farm are being updated as part of Sandfields’ drive to avoid heavy traffic wrongly passing through the village. Councillor Barnes has been working to enable Luddington to cost effectively acquire its own speed gun, so the Speed Watch team can maintain a strong level of speed awareness for traffic all along the Luddington Road. If you wish to help them please call Ann Jackson on …….

Planning and Building

With the SDC Core Strategy in place, the parish is not currently identified as a development area, but the parish as a whole may not be entirely or always protected from speculative development. The pc is taking steps to work with SDC Planning to ensure any future development responds to local character and history, adds appropriately to the quality of the area with innovative design and generally protects our rural and historic environment:-

The Luddington Village Design Statement is being finally reviewed by SDC and should be published this spring. This document, contributed to by many volunteer residents during 2015-2016, will provide residents, planners and developers with guidelines for overall scale, density, massing, height, landscape, layout and materials of any new building in the parish. The 2006 Luddington Local Plan is to be updated, as a precursor to the possibility of producing a Neighbourhood Plan, focused on the Luddington Road and Evesham Road, as these areas are more vulnerable than the village. The draft WCC Highways Transport Plan still supports a ‘relief road’ crossing the Avon, past the racecourse and joining up with Shottery, although an alternative Northern RR from Atherstone to the M40 is now being considered for heavy commercial traffic.

The pc needs two extra councillors!

Please consider helping us-we also need interested volunteers to work with us on these and other projects to protect and enhance our parish!

Other areas of interest include the Conservation Area, fundraising and Community support- what extra leisure facilities for all can we deliver, specific amenities for children or the elderly?

Wendy Hughes

01789 750077

Minutes of the Meeting held at Luddington Village Hall on 21st March 2017